Energy For Health and Healing Touch techniques help people recover from surgery, injury and other trauma incidents. Read these client comments for a personal perspective.

Client Comments:

"I would highly recommend Vicki to anyone who is carrying a burden or feels they may need a "tune up". Vicki has the unique ability to work with you in a way that brings insight for yourself and allows release and new energy to fill your being. She is indeed a very gifted and knowledgeable person." - Bonnie

"On my first visit with Vicki, I gave her a brief description of my divorce and the turmoil I was experiencing. She asked some questions so she would have a good understanding and know where to start. We spent over an hour together that day. As I was leaving, she reasuured me that she was there to help; but there was no pressure. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would return or not. Then I started noticing little things, like less tension in my shoulders and sleeping a little better. I decided to go back to Vicki and she picked up on the pressure I was feeling right away, asked some questions and provided reassurance. As she worked, I experienced a vision of Jesus and felt his love. I am truly thankful to Vicki and her gift, and to my friend who referred me." - Sharry

"I met Vicki at a retreat workshop and immediately recognized her kind heart and open spirit. I have spent many hours with her since -- some socially, some in continuing education, some helping each other process. Vicki has a wide field of experiences and depth of knowledge. When Vicki and I have shared processing, she is always willing to go wherever it may lead. The times she has helped me, she is intuitive and insightful. She offers her clients such soulful care and heartfelt love." - Mark

"Hi, my name is Haley and I am 13 years old. I love softball but this past summer during softball practice, I was hit in the head twice, once in the nose and once in the forehead. I suffered a concussion, my balance was totally off, I lost my muscle control, and suffered severe headaches. After seeing many doctors and getting little relief, a friend told me about Vicki and Healing Touch. After just one treatment with Vicki I could feel a difference. By the third treatment, I had my balance completely back, my headaches were so much less intense and painful, and my muscle control was back to normal. Vicki did an amazing job. I recommend you to Vicki because she is a very caring and wonderful person. Overall I think it was a very cool experience!" - Haley

"At first I was leery about working long distance with Vicki, but Vicki was very sensitive and attuned to my energy! As we were working long distance, I was amazed when she asked me if I had rubbed my foot, right after I had done so! The work we did together - both in person and long distance - significantly and positively impacted my healing form a total radical shoulder replacement surgery! In the hospital, the doctors and nurses were surprised at my rapid recovery from the anesthetic and later my surgeon and the physical therapists were continually amazed at my rapid and efficient healing. Healing sessions with Vicki helped me heal both physically and emotionally from the trauma of surgery. After my experience working with her, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vicki to others and personally I'd return to her in a heartbeat if my own situation warranted it!" - Chris

"I received treatment from Vicki while recovering from bacterial meningitis. When I was released from the hospital, the doctors told me to be prepared for many months of intense headaches. I took both over the counter and prescription medicines to help, but never felt fully without pain even with them. I saw Vicki for three treatments over the course of a few weeks. If I hadn't actually experienced it, I wouldn't believe my story. During my first treatment, a strange, tingling sensation on my forehead felt like Vicki was dropping things there. However, nothing was being dropped. I was feeling all of the "bad stuff" leave my head. She was also able to locate and relieve a stress fracture in my foot and a seven year old pain in my back that I never disclosed. Each time I left Vicki's, I felt worn out, but peaceful. The best part is that I didn't have a single headache after my three treatments. In fact, it wasn't until I had a sinus infection 18 months later, that I took any sort of pain reliever. And my foot and back? They have yet to hurt." - Brenda

"Bios Life Slim helps me control my health by managing my eating. I am interested in getting healthier by using a natural product. It meets my traditional nursing standards by being recognized in the PDR (physicians desk reference). Like everyone else I want to lose tummy fat, lower my cholesterol and LDL's, promote healthy blood sugar levels and improve my HDL's and overall health.

"Bios Life Slim is a wonderful supporting tool for me to use as it provides me time to make better food choices, slows down my eating so I eat less at meal time, and it decreases my between meal snacking. I've discovered that the success of managing my food intake has spurred me into becoming more physically active, because I know I can achieve my goal of becoming healthy. Everyone knows that the key to a healthy life is to eat healthy food, eat less and move more. Drinking an eight ounce product twice a day is the easiest, safest supporting tool I've experienced. And, it has given me hope for a healthier me." - Vicki

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Testimonials for Energy for Health

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